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Not sure who you are anymore?

At midlife, everything changes. From your body to your relationships to what you thought you wanted. It’s not surprising if you start to wonder: Who am I?

If that sounds familiar, this self-discovery journal can help.

Ask the right questions to start getting the answers you crave.



who journal


Here’s why this journal is so valuable.

Who am I
Here's what's included:

At midlife, everything changes: from your body, to your kids possibly flying out the nest, to marriages ending – even what you thought you wanted may no longer be what it was. So who are you now? This self-discovery journal asks the right questions to help you start getting the answers you crave.

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The self-discovery journal will help you:

Remember and revive forgotten parts of yourself
Let go of other people’s expectations of who you are and how you “should” be
Become crystal clear about who you are now
Reconnect to what's important to you
Align quickly with your highest good as you reframe midlife
Recognize your own unique talents and gifts
who journal

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Lovely things that women say:
Taking the time to figure out what you want, what you can let go of, and who you (already) are is worthwhile. Lisa offers sensible tools to give you the courage to do that.

Recognizing that all of those experiences and feelings are real and that I share them with so many women is truly helpful. Lisa recognizes how hard it can be to get started, on how to change both behaviors and feelings.

The membership is an excellent resource, filled with awareness-building reflections and prompts that are geared to women who are ready to invest into their self-care and make themselves a priority.

Lisa Petty

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Join for $7. Cancel anytime.

The self-discovery journal is available for instant download.

Have a few questions?
Does the journal come as an editable PDF?
No, this is a printable PDF download only.
Do I have lifetime access to the journal?
Absolutely. The journal is yours to reprint and use as often as you like. It is a copyrighted journal, however, so you are not permitted to resell the journal.
Can I get a refund if I purchase the 'Who am I? Self-Discovery Journal for Midlife Women?'
No. Due to the nature of downloadable products and to keep costs low, we don’t offer refunds on these products.
Is there a minimum commitment to join the membership?
No, you can cancel anytime - though we'd be sad to see you go. Please note that as we don’t offer refunds, you must cancel your membership before your credit card is charged.
I belong to the Midlife Alchemy Monthly Membership. Do I have to join the Making Sense of Midlife Toolkit Membership to access these resources?
No, as a member of the Midlife Alchemy Monthly Membership, you are automatically enrolled in the Making Sense of Midlife Toolkit Membership.


You have two options:


Join for $7. Cancel anytime.

The self-discovery journal is available for instant download.

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